Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lent, Inc.

Yesterday being Ash Wednesday, I set out to find a manuscript, called "Lent, Inc." It consists of a poem for every day of Lent.

Here, then, are the first two days. I will post all the rest--one day at a time!


Sometimes it looks like a bullet-hole
Wednesday's run in with the past
walking dead men
heaps of dust
wearing history's ashes right between the eyes.
Take a look into the mirror
there is Hiroshima there
and Dresden
and Watts.
Holes in our empty heads
ashes on our souls
in our hair
gritting teeth

THURSDAY after Ash Wednesday

Both the easiest and the hardest
of life's monologues
is love.
It is a word know simultaneously
by everyone
in the silence of their own world
yet present unknown
across light-year voids/

the great unknown god
is described only by another unknown god:
God is love
the unfathomable plumbs its own depths:
I God you
becomes the equation
that unleashes the energy
of the universe.

You God me
I God you
God you me
You I God
We eye God
in the language of the souls telemetry
as gravity
in the weightlessness of time's womb.

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