Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday, the First Week of Lent

Wednesday, the First Week of Lent

God believes in God
who once upon a time
was how it started
there was nothing but God believing in God
then building a seven stor[e]y week of his beliefs
he lived into his make-believe
breathing laughing heaps of dust.

Maybe in a supermarket
you’ve seen them rolling down the aisles
those tumble-beings
ribless spineless balls of dust:

Jesus for one
who made the scene
with stars and angels and kings
gold frankincense and myhhr
and blew it preaching about love and flowers/

The Spirit for another
grinning ghostly
windstorm and fire
sweeping the earth clean.
And one for all
in the endless doomsday spectacle of life
was how it ended
God just believing in God.

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