Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday after Passion Sunday

Friday after Passion Sunday

The Trinity argues
against the logic of destiny
it is no more mysterious
than human existence.

Ocham’s razor dulls
on the bearded wisdom of life:
the rich grayness of flowering death
defies the laws of entropy.

Even God does not live alone
in the solitude of necessity:
life enters on itself
and names the meeting a person
persons are the only true mirrors
of other persons
and move is the medium
through which the vision passes.

The Trinity argues a priori
against the flow of life:
there is oneness
in life meeting itself
born within and without.

To believe in the Trinity
is to see that all of life is one
when it encounters the other as itself:
it suffers
it imprisons
it loves
it lives
it flowers
it is one.

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