Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday after Passion Sunday

Monday after Passion Sunday

Watch the way the wild lilies grow
all the time-lapse living
sitting out there on the flower garden edge of life
to look at beauty is to touch the other side
to see creation’s evolutionary spasms crystallize
and time stand still and quiet in the daylight mist
breath held in your hand
morning after morning after nights
in which you betrayed the fragile tenderness of life
and crushed the blossoms petals tossing side to side
record band to record band
where have all the flowers gone
long time passing…

Watch the way the wild lilies grow
feeding on the bodies
feeding on the dust of someone else’s dreams
the broken bodies
the blood that has fertilized the earth
all the time-lapse living and dying
lily tombstones dot the hillsides
cover plains
wild lilies feed on wild dreams
and beauty grows amid the ugliness of life and death
and Jesus says to watch.

I have watched the wild lilies grow
just like Jesus I have watched
flower children springing up across the land
wild blooming in the deserts
wandering through ghost towns
parading around the Pentegon
gone to soldiers everyone
when will they ever learn…

Jesus says
take a look at the birds of the sky
singing to all of us reaping
on the fence
like a bird on the wire
I have tried in my way to be free
all the time-lapse living and dying
behold the faded yellow still-life pictures
lily tombstones
birds on the wire-fence
slow-motion yearbook
autographed by Jesus
Roses are red
Violets are violet…

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