Friday, March 26, 2010

Saturday after Passion Sunday

I'm going to deviate from the pattern here, because the post is just too long. You'll see the "click here" message at the bottom of this post. It will take you to the poem.

Okay, this was written in my "Western plains" period. I think this was after two driving trips from Wisconsin to California and one hitchhiking trip to Alaska and back, in the space of two or three years, in the middle 70's. I had done it once before, in the early 60's; but that had all but faded from memory. For someone growing up in the confined spaces of Midwest, and going to school in the more confined spaces of the East coast, the wide openness was startling--not just the big sky, but the big, far horizon. If you've been reading all the poems, you will have run across some of this imagery already. Here it all but takes over.

As for the content! Well, it's still with me: the dark side.

Click here to download the poem.

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