Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday, the Fourth Week of Lent

Saturday, the Fourth Week of Lent

Sometimes I feel like Godot
I mean on the other side of waiting
standing in the wings
watching the chosen people
behind closed doors
waiting for the end which is the beginning
which is a new life.

You were there also
I saw you around the edges.

And sometimes it was waiting with Godot
you and I and a tree
I felt like Adam
but I wasn’t going to say
we have cried in the waiting rooms of life
beneath the weight of a thousand sorry eyes
we have stood at the foot of history
as it stretched out its arms
to embrace the future maybe tomorrow.

We may whatever we dare to hope
circumscribe all our sorrows in a dream
throw a kiss to the lions
sure the tears and floodwaters
undermine the vision mostly.

But he who walks upon the waters is coming
come Lord Jesus

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