Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday, the Second Week of Lent

Saturday, the Second Week of Lent

The bartering rose above the lot
of ordinary wagering.
“When he finished talking to Abraham
the Lord went away
and Abraham returned home.”

Sunday liturgists
blue line the final sentence.
All the news that’s fit to print
is that Abraham couldn’t find the honest ten
so Sodom was destroyed.
It is covered up that Abraham did not even
go down into the city to look for them.

What’s with Abraham, anyhow?
The least he could have done was mount
the thorough search
ride the question to its death
put ads in the paper

fatherless to God’s promise
still wrestling with the suffering of innocence
goes home with the knowledge
that even ten honest men
could stay the holocaust that waits
poised above them.

astrologer of Chaldes
still wandering in a straight-line universe
does not bargain on a bargaining God
nor have a prayer of a chance
against what he sees in the stars:
fire and brimstone
the dark hole of space
swallowing up the city of Sodom.

God drives his bargain
right through the sophistry of wickedness
and the liberals’ soft hearts.
The stars of the universe
like lottery tickets
hold Abraham’s descendants
in the twinkling of their eyes.

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