Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday after Passion Sunday

Tuesday after Passion Sunday

the story is very much down to earth
and up to snuff
floats there in the timeless expanse
between a man and a woman
between faithfulness and infidelity
between love and hate and cheating.

A marriage counselor’s nightmare
what to do about the wanderings of wayward souls
lusting after the thrill of an affair
discreet or otherwise?

The story is as old as a thousand television shows
a hundred thousand paperbacks
a million graffiti on bathroom walls
hack writers still make money on it
so do divorce lawyers.
God doesn’t make any money
those who love usually don’t.

mercy wins
mercy beats out justice
and all the theological divorce lawyers can go home
pack up all their case books
settlement alimony schemes and go home
hack writers can unplug their electric typewriter minds
throw away their carbon-copy plots and go home.

Yahweh God never bought a round in the Last Chance Saloon
he belongs to Lovers Anonymous.
Yahweh God knows with all his heart and mind and soul
the terrible addiction of one more chance
he has seen us all
morning after morning
pouring ourselves another chance.

Mercy is Yahweh God’s lover
and justice the prostitute of Hosea
the two become one flesh.

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