Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday, the Fourth Week of Lent

Tuesday, the Fourth Week of Lent

Who else would have the nerve
shot up with the hypostatic union
Jesus talking about children
parading a child into the midst of our aging
where time is running out on all of us
and everyone is waiting
for the waiting to stop
here Jesus talks about welcoming children.

Ah but we are all of us children
crucifixed perhaps on the cross of middle age
run out of questions
before we have run out of answers
and we hoard the latter
against the final question: death,

There are children standing in our midst
standing right inside our tired wrinkled skins
welcome thechild
you are.

Wait no longer
for we are the spirit come and poured out
strong like a driving wind
we are tongues of fire
shaking and burning
celebrating for all the waiting captives
locked inside the house called America
still alive
after all the betrayals and crucifixions
still alive
after all the answers.

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