Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday, the Fourth Week of Lent

Wednesday, the Fourth Week of Lent

“Listen to the dream I had”
Joseph said to his brothers
and because of his dreams
they hated him the more.

“I had another dream.”
So his brothers envied him
they plotted to kill him
they said to one another
“Here comes the dreamer
let us kill him
then we’ll see what becomes of his dreams.”

The dreams of Joseph
gush like uncapped wells
from the sandbox of our children’s children
the coat of Jospeh’s many-colored dreams
haunts the bounty of our age.
The lands of plenty consume greed
hoarding it against the promise of surplus dreams.

Somewhere in the future
the milk and honey refuse of our times
like Joseph rescued from the well
will welcome us into a foreign land
bid us settle down
and slowly bind us
to the inevitability of slavery.

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