Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday of Holy Week

Wednesday of Holy Week

There is in our times
a certain fascination with Judas
but like father to the son
the fascination betrays an understanding of
and a close identification with
his mind’s machinations
and his political philosophy.

And like son of his father
Judas still sells out to our fascination
with power and money.

Ah but that strikes close to home
sits at the very table with us
dips its hand into the same dish.
No wonder
we place him so often on the pedestal
albeit a sinner’s pedestal
take such pains to maintain his infamy
while we court the pleasures daily
of money and power.

Our true and loyal disciples attend
to the left of us
financial security
golden passbooks
life insurance
pension plans
credit cards
and to the right of us
spheres of influence
public mandates
democratic processes
and the sons of thunder
national security
and executive privilege.

We gorge ourselves on our fantasies
of deliverance from slavery
never mind the forty years wandering
in the desert of our jobs
before the promised land
of social security.

little old Judas runs around
with his bag of money
reminding us all that we have our price
and pay the price
for courting the pleasures of power and money.

But the good news comes cheap
the early church
understood Judas as part of the solution
told before their times
the promise of betrayal.
They built communes against his memory
shared their wealth across national lines
they drew lots to flesh out his absence
withstood the oxymoron of free elections
and free power
giving it to anyone at all
instead of those who want it most.

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