Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday

One prays
against the candles’ slow descent into hell
and pictures
the howls of the starving
piercing the lonely sacred hearts
of Jesus and Mary
[they’re hanging in the sacristy now
since the renewal of the church
no one hears the cries
nor sees the pain].

One prays
along the trail of the fourteen stations
while Jesus is railroaded to the tomb
clutching a round-trip ticket.

One prays
in the moment of death
while Jesus walks up and down the aisles
checking the vigil lights
[one if by land
two if by sea
three if you see him come back
as you saw him go
trailing clouds of glory].

[And so ends Lent, Inc. A happy and blessed Easter to all. I will take a day or so off now. See you all soon.]

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