Wednesday, November 3, 2010


(Just a quick break)
You know the rest of it—“so shall you reap.” Please excuse the paraphrase of Paul in Galatians, 6:7; but I just wanted to make quick comment on the mid-term elections.
I heard a pundit say it thusly: We ended up with a Congress [he meant of course a House of Representatives] in which the Democrats are more liberal [as a body, since the Blue Dogs were decimated—or I should say ‘halved’] and the Republicans more conservative [or what passes for conservatism these days]. Yet, what the people really want, according to all the polling, is a more bipartisan approach; they want the two sides to work together, etc.
He offered no follow up on that point, nor was one sought.
Let me suggest one: If you really want a Congress that is bipartisan in its approach, then always vote for the more moderate of the two candidates.
Let me suggest another: stop listening to the pundits of one side or another. Listen to both, or listen to neither.
Finally: instead of breaking down the body politic into liberals, conservatives, and independents; think of the divisions as being among ideologues, pragmatists, and the totally uninvolved.
“Whatsover a man soweth…”

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