Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reading the Catholic Tea (Party) Leaves

To read those leaves necessitates, of course, reading The Catholic American (aka The American Catholic).  This is not a pleasant task. But someone's gotta do it.

So.  It looks like the Catholic Americans have already moved on, as regards Pope Francis.

We're going to put him into our mold, writes Darwin Catholic; there is, after all, no one-size-fits-all mold for popes.  We'll just pick and choose what we like about him; that will keep us happy.  He's not the dense intellectual type that Pope John Paul II was; nor is he the churchy liturgical type of Pope Benedict XVI.  He's more the people's pope.  Translation: we don't have to listen to what he says about theology, doctrine or practice.

In the meantime....all the rest of the bloggers have moved on to the topics that really matter: after a Rudyard Kipling interlude, there's a screed on Nancy Pelosi daring to take communion at the Pope's installation; Britain's embrace of IVF and the ramifications of donor eggs and/or donor sperm; and the trial of an abortion provider (read: baby killer).

Bear with me, here.  I'm coming off two years of not really getting any of this out at all.  I'm hoping Easter results in my rebirth too.

The question never asked, but always there in the background: When's the next election?  Pope or President?

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