Thursday, May 2, 2013

A virtue for our times

Let me tie up some loose ends from the previous post, where I was talking about the dynamics of being a potluck catholic.  There I described the two facets of that dynamic: that one brought something to the table, and that one took something from it.

What about everything left on the table, however?  This seems to perplex people no end.  And such a profound "no end," moreover, that I suggest a new virtue needs to be discussed for this condition.

 The virtue is tolerance.  That's it. If I am satisfied with that I have taken from the table, if I am satisfied, that is, with what I believe, if I truly feel that what I believe is what I need to believe, if it is right for me, then why cannot I let others believe what they want to believe?  Why would I feel that I somehow need to make sure they believe what I believe in the same way I believe it?  Could it be due to the fact that I am insecure in my belief?

Catholics have left an awful lot on the table.  There is just too much there to be dealt with by the majority of people.  At the same time, however, it is our table--and no one from the outside ought to step in and decide for us what it is we should profess.

Makes sense to me.  How about you?

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