Friday, May 24, 2013

"On the road again..."

Well,  we're not really on the road yet; but it's coming.  Right now it's packing and loading--which is the upfront price for the bliss of being on the road.

I said I would try to keep at it this time.  Here's just a short thought on Pope Francis' much noted homily on redemption.  It was about redemption, really; not about atheists.  He used the latter to make the point about the former: that in order to be saved one must "do good."  Anybody who does good will be saved.

How simple is that!

It reminds me of the "test" Jesus talked about in Matthew's judgment scene.  There is only one question in the final exam of life: Did one do good?

This is not going to please the "Benedict" crowd, I'm sure.  But that is the kind of concern that pulls us away from the thinking about Francis' message.

I'm starting to like the guy.

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