Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sort of home......

We have taken a respite from traveling, landing at the lake house in Texas for a couple of weeks.

Bakersfield is past, gone, exorcised--and now doesn't look so bad after all!  It's 95 degrees here in the Dallas area, and almost the same percentage relative humidity.  Ah, for the dry air and pollution of Bakersfield.

It was a wonderful trip, by the way, our newly acquired and converted Nissan van, pulling our small, 16 foot Airstream.  We spent a couple of days in Arizona on the way.  Stopping for a full day at the Grand Canyon.

What can I say?  John Muir, I think it was, quoted in the visitor's center, saying that the Grand Canyon contains a thousand Niagara Falls and a thousand Yosemites. The point being, that it's impossible to exagerate how grand it is.

It was, for me, a spiritual experience.  And for me a spiritual experience is one in which my insignificance is front and center.  Through me the Grand Canyon gets to experience itself.  Isn't that great?  It's the least I can do, I feel.

What now?   Another few days in the Dallas area, then off to Wisconsin for the rest of the summer.

Watch me settle in, with more regularly scheduled blogs on tap.

Happy summer!

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